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DMV Release Of Liability PDF Free Download

You Will Need The Name And Address Of The New Owner.

Have The Last Five Digits Of The Vehicle Identification Number (Vin) And The Licence Plate Number On Hand.

Have The Odometer Reading Of The Car As Of The Transfer Or Sale Date.

After Submitting The Nrl, Be Prepared To Print The Confirmation That You Get (If You Wish To Keep A Copy For Your Own Records).

An Nrl Submitted To The Dmv Does Not Signify A Transfer Of Ownership. The Dmv Must First Receive A Fully Completed Application For Transfer Of Ownership From The New Owner Along With Payment Of The Necessary Fees Before The Vehicle Record May Be Permanently Removed From Your Name.

One Of The Most Important Forms To Complete When A Used Car Is Sold Or Transferred Privately Is A Release Of Liability Form. The Following Is Achieved By Doing This:

Provides Updated Legal Protection For Both Buyers And Sellers Recent Updates Regarding A Transfer Of Ownership From Your State’s Department Of Motor Vehicles Your County Tax Records: If The Purchaser Doesn’t Pay The Tax, That’s On Them, Not You Continue Reading To Learn What A Release Of Liability Really Does, Whether It’s Required By Law, And Why You Should Fill One Out Even If It’s Not Required In Your State.

When Someone Transfers Ownership Of A Car To Another Person, A Notice Of Release Of Liability (Also Known As An Nrl, Notice Of Transfer, Or Notice Of Transfer And Release Of Liability) Is The Document Used To Update The Dmv Database. It Is The Duty Of The Seller Or Previous Owner To Complete And Submit This Form To Their Local Dmv In A “Timely Manner.”

State-by-state, There Are Significant Differences In The Amount Of Time Transferors Have To File This Notice. While Some States (Like California) Only Allow Five Days Between The Time The Transfer Of Ownership Occurs And The Time The Dmv Receives Your Release Form, Other Lenient States (Like Texas) Allow Up To 30 Days From The Day You Surrender The Vehicle To File The Release.

You Must Submit A Release Of Liability Form To Your State’s Department Of Motor Vehicles If You Are Selling Or Giving Someone Your Car. For A Private Vehicle Sale, Each State Has A Different Set Of Paperwork Requirements, So Check With Your State To See Whether A Nrl Is Necessary. There Are No Private Party Exceptions To The Rule If Your State Mandates The Submission Of This Form.

However, A Release Of Liability Is Not Necessary For Transfers Between Lenders. This Implies That No Form Is Required If You Refinance With Bank Y After Having Your Car Originally Financed With Bank X. Likewise, The Dmv States That No Nrl Is Necessary If You Are Paying Off Your Car And Removing A Lienholder Entirely.

If Your State Mandates Annual Vehicle Inspections, You Should First Make Sure Your Sticker Is Current Before Submitting A Release Of Liability. A Complete List Of Inspection Procedures And The States That Carry Them Can Be Found Here. You Should Also: Prior To The Vehicle Sale.

  • To Determine If You Need Liability Insurance At The Time Of Sale, Check With Your Dmv. You May Be Subject To Significant Fines For Lapsed Insurance In Several States If You Sell A Car Without An Auto Insurance Policy.
  • Create The Sales Bill. Free Printable Templates For This Are Available Here; Simply Choose Your State From The List To Go To The File. It Should Be Noted That Privateauto Automates The Bill Of Sale Process By Enabling Both The Buyer And The Seller To Electronically Sign The Document Using Our Mobile App.
  • You May Need To Complete A Different Odometer Disclosure Form With The Reading From The Odometer At The Time Of Sale. You’ll Need To Write Down The Vehicle Identification Number (Vin) To Identify Your Car, Just As With Other Official Forms.
  • The Laws In Your State May Also Require You To Complete A Separator Damage Disclosure Form. Before Transferring Ownership Of A Vehicle, New York State Requires Private Sellers To Complete An Odometer And Damage Disclosure Form. According To The Nydmv Website, Failure To Provide This Document May Result In Fines And/or Imprisonment.
  • Fill Out The Notice Of Title Transfer Or Liability Release Form. Each State Has A Slightly Different Name For This Form. A Vehicle Transfer Notification Form That Releases Your Liability Is Available From The Texas Department Of Motor Vehicles, For Example (Including A Dealer).
  • You May Confidently Sign The Vehicle Title On To The New Owner After Completing These Steps. You May Also Need To Get The Vehicle Licence Plates And Turn Them In To The Dmv, Depending On Your State. Alternately, You May Be Able To Keep Your Licence Plates And Transfer Them To Your Next Vehicle.

Keep In Mind That, Depending On The State, The Buyer May Also Be Required To Pay Sales Taxes On The Sale Of The Vehicle In Addition To Registering The Vehicle In Their Name And At Their Address.

A Vehicle Or Vessel Must Be Sold Or Otherwise Disposed Of Within Five (5) Days Of The Day You Notify The Department Of Motor Vehicles (Dmv). This Form Is Offered To Be Used In Reporting Sales Or Transfers To The Department; It Is Not An Application For Ownership Transfer (Title).

Liability For Parking And/or Traffic Violations And Civil Litigation Resulting From Operation After The Date Of Sale Becomes The Responsibility Of The Subsequent Purchaser When This Form Is Correctly Completed And The Information Is Recorded By Dmv (See Warning Below) (S).

The Names Of The New Owner And The Previous Owner. Both Should Be Entered In Accordance With The Information On Their Driver’s Licences (I.e., “Nathaniel” Instead Of “Nathan”). Contact Details For Both The Previous And Current Owners. This Should At Least Include A Phone Number And An Address. Number Currently Assigned To The Vehicle’s Licence Plate.

You Should Take Off And Store The Licence Plates In The Majority Of States. Vehicle Specification. The Form May Also Ask For Body Style And Colour In Addition To Make, Model, And Year. Number For Vehicle Identification (Vin).

The Dashboard, Inside Door Jamb, And Other Places On The Car Are Usually Where You May Find This. At The Time Of Sale, Exact Mileage. Keep In Mind That You May Also Need To Complete A Different Form To Confirm The Odometer Reading. Every State Has Laws Against Lying About A Car’s Mileage.

Date Of Title Transfer, Or When Both Of You Sign The Title And Other Paperwork And The New Owner Drives Away With The Car. Contact Your Local Dmv Well In Advance If You Have Any Questions About The Sale Or Your Responsibilities. Here’s A Tip: If You Can’t Reach The Dmv In Your County, You May Get In Touch With The Dmv In A Smaller County In Your State. Since Dmvs Are Governed At The State Level, They Are All Required To Abide By The Same Laws And Rules In Order To Respond To Your Inquiries.

The Information Required For Both A Title Transfer Notice And A Release Of Liability Is The Same, So What’s The Difference? Well, There Isn’t One In Certain States. These Two Forms Have Been Combined Into A Single Application That Is Often Known As The “Notice Of Transfer And Release Of Liability” By Both The Texas And California Dmvs.

Some States Just Need A Title Transfer Notice From Sellers. After Filing A Title Transfer, These States Often Reserve Release Of Liability Notices For Former Owners Who Continue To Receive Tax Documents Or Tickets Related To The Vehicle. View The List Of Title Transfer Requirements Provided By Each State By Aaa.

The Majority Of States Demand That Sellers File A Notice As Soon As The Transaction Occurs. Your County May Still Use Them For Tax Purposes Even If Your Dmv Doesn’t Have A Release Of Liability Requirement.

Legal Professionals Advise All Previous Owners To Submit A Release Of Liability As A Precaution When Selling Or Giving A Car To Another Person. In Most Places, The Filing Fee For A Release Of Liability Is Less Than $5, So You Won’t Lose Anything If You Decide Not To Use It. Consider It As Paying For Mental Tranquilly.

You Could Be Okay In Certain States Without Submitting A Nrl. You Could Run Across One Or More Of The Following Problems In Other States.

Private Sellers Must Submit A Release Of Liability Within A Certain Number Of Days After The Car Is Sold In Several States. Sellers Typically Have 30 Days To File With Their State’s Dmv Before They Must Pay Fines Or Suffer Other Consequences.

Regardless Of The Legality, Failure To Timely Submit A Release Of Liability Document May Subject The Seller To Liability For Any Traffic Infractions, Parking Fines, Or Unpaid Toll Fees Incurred By The New Owner. The Dmv Updates Its Records With The New Owner’s Information And Releases You From Liability If An Incident Occurs When You File A Release Of Liability.

According To The Dmv Website For California, “Responsibility For Parking And/or Traffic Violations And Civil Litigation, Resulting From Operation After The Date Of Sale, Becomes The Responsibility Of The Subsquent Purchaser,” When Properly Filled Out.

The Article Continues By Stating That “No Further Vehicle Registration Renewal Notices Will Be Sent To You For The Reported Vehicle” When The Dmv Receives The Nrl Information And Marks The Vehicle Record.

This Form Is Also Used In Several States To Update Local Tax Databases. You Risk Being Taxed For Personal Property That You No Longer Own If You Fail To Submit This Form To The County Tax Collector.

Registration Renewal Notices Are Automatically Sent About Two Months Before The Registration Is Scheduled To Expire, According To The California Dmv Website. Renewal Notices Are Generated Within Days Of The Sale Of Your Vehicle, According To The Website, And The Documents May Arrive By Mail. You Should Check With The Dmv Just To Be Safe If You Receive One Of These Within 60 Days After You Sell The Vehicle.


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