EcoPlus Reviews: Fuel Saver (Scam or Legit) Read This NOW Before Buying! (2023)

David Thompson, Tech Times

EcoPlus Reviews: Fuel Saver (Scam or Legit) Read This NOW Before Buying! (1)

EcoPlus can be used to improve your engine's performance. EcoPlus can improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and performance.

EcoPlus claims that its chip can reduce fuel consumption up to 35% It is easy to plug it in, and it will analyze all your driving habits. The result will be a greater fuel efficiency.

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What is EcoPlus? What is EcoPlus's purpose? Continue reading to learn everything you need about EcoPlus.

It is important that you consider how much fuel your vehicle uses. A high fuel consumption will cause your vehicle to consume more fuel. This could cause higher gas prices, and other problems.

EcoPlus can help reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption, even if you use it a lot.

Let's learn more about ECOPLUS.

What Is EcoPlus?

The EcoPlus, a small but highly innovative device, reduces vehicle fuel consumption. Manufactured after years of research and development, it comes as an intelligent and environment-friendly, fuel-saving device. It increases fuel efficiency and lowers gas prices.

The Best Fuel Saver Device?

EcoPlus reduces car fuel consumption, as we have already stated. The ECU is shut down by this device. This tiny, but powerful device can help to save you a lot.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can enjoy from.

  • Fuel costs will be lower

  • ECOPLUS will increase the fuel efficiency of your car's ECU.

  • You can also be eco-friendly and use less gasoline

  • It is very easy to use

  • It works with almost all models and vehicles made after 1995.

  • It is extremely compact

  • Reduce your fuel consumption by 35%

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These are only a few of the many benefits this device offers. It can be difficult to install the device. The manual includes detailed instructions to help you understand how the ECOPLUS works.

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How Does EcoPlus Work?

EcoPlus can reduce your car's fuel consumption. The plug can be inserted into the engine slot. After 1996, every modern car has an ECU (Electronic Controller Unit).

It optimizes each car's engine and monitors its performance. The EcoPlus needs to be connected via OBDII to the ECU. Once this connection has been established, EcoPlus will be able gather all data necessary to run EcoPlus for 150 MPG. EcoPlus will turn EcoPlus ON once it has enough information.

Similar devices will require more power to drive a vehicle. It doesn't matter how much power they use, but how much fuel Saver they use. EcoPlus is a fuel-saving tool that can address these inefficiencies. EcoPlus allows car owners to only pay for the fuel they use.

Each vehicle produced after 1996 has an electronic control unit (ECU). Your car's brain is the electronic control unit (ECU). It provides diagnostic information and monitors vehicle performance.

Many shops offer vehicle maintenance. Many shops will tune your car to increase its fuel efficiency. Modern vehicles are very efficient and can be adjusted to improve ECU performance using OBDII ports. OBDII lets you install a chip to adjust the vehicle's performance in order to improve fuel economy.

EcoPlus allows you to enjoy the convenience and benefits of a tune up without ever needing to visit a shop. The chip can be ordered online and installed into your vehicle's port. The chip can be used to tune your vehicle for improved performance.

Simply plug EcoPlus into your port and wait for the system to scan your vehicle's engine. The fuel efficiency will improve by 15% to 35%.

Benefits Of EcoPlus

EcoPlus makes driving more enjoyable and easier for everyone. These are just some of the many benefits EcoPlus offers to your car's engine.

  • It will improve your car's fuel economy.

EcoPlus can improve the efficiency of your vehicle by up to 15% to 35% This can be attached directly to the OBDII port.

  • This will allow you to save a lot on gas.

Owners who use less gasoline are able to save money on their fuel bills each day.

  • Do your part in stopping climate change

EcoPlus uses a gas-saving device to reduce gas consumption. It's also environmentally friendly.

  • Installation is simple

EcoPlus is easy to install on your car. Even for those with little experience, it is simple to install.

  • It can be used with any vehicle

An EcoPlus sensor can be installed on a vehicle.

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How To Install EcoPlus in your car?

Installing EcoPlus is easy. It only takes a few minutes. EcoPlus can be installed in any vehicle regardless of the level of experience. These are the steps required to install it.

  • Step 1: Start the engine. Turn off the ignition.

  • You can use Step 2 OBD2 to plug the OBDII socket. You will find the OBDII port usually under the steering column's right or left side. The port is protected by a cover. The OBDII port may be found behind the dashboard or in the glovebox on other vehicles.

  • Step 3: Turn on the ignition and then turn the car off. Do not turn on the car.

  • Step 4ECO Locate the OBD2's reset switch in step 4. It must be held for at least 5 seconds.

  • Step 5: Release your hand, and wait for another 30-60 seconds.

  • Step 6 Get started.

Now your car is ready to go. EcoPlus tracks your car's performance for the next 150 miles, and makes any adjustments to increase fuel economy.

Only the owner of the vehicle and EcoPlus can use it. You can be sure that there will not be any side effects after installation.

How to Use and Calibrate EcoPlus

EcoPlus calibration doesn't require you to be an expert on technology or cars.

Here's how it works.

Step 1

  • Turn off the engine. Turn off the engine.

Step 2

  • Locate the OBDII connector within your vehicle. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 must have an OBDII connector that can be accessed via the driver's side. Most vehicles have an OBDII connector located on either the upper left or lower right side. To access the port, you may have to remove a cover. The OBDII port can also be found in other vehicles. It can be found in the glovebox, behind the console or on the dashboard. You can search online to find out the location of your OBDII port.

Step 3

  • Take EcoPlus out of the package to connect it to your OBDII port

Step 4

  • Turn the key to Stage 1 by putting the key in the ignition

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Step 5

  • Hold the EcoPlus reset button for five seconds. Then release the button and wait for 30-60 seconds.

Step 6

  • For 150 miles, continue your normal driving style and then get into your car. You don't have to drive the entire distance in one go. EcoPlus can be left behind in your car, so you can drive as normal for the next few days.

  • EcoPlus tracks the performance of your vehicle for over 150 miles. It then adjusts the engine to increase fuel economy. The chip has no negative effects: it will enhance your vehicle's performance and not decrease it.

EcoPlus may not cause significant changes in your vehicle's power draw. EcoPlus causes the largest changes in your vehicle's power draw.

EcoPlus may not be apparent if your vehicle's power draw is not being increased or raced every day. Even though your vehicle's performance has not been affected, you might notice a decrease in gas consumption.

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Who Is This For?

EcoPlus lowers vehicle fuel consumption economically and affordably. It can be attached on any vehicle.

It will be much easier to remove the item from your vehicle. This is not possible with all available devices, and it would be very expensive.

Customer Reviews

As you can see, the product has received incredible reviews and feedback. This product is fantastic and can be used by anyone. EcoPlus is eco-friendly and has been a huge help to many.

Where To Get EcoPlus?

Visit the official website if you want to increase the performance of your vehicle. This site is the only one to sell EcoPlus products.

Due to the current pandemic, EcoPlus devices cannot be purchased at this time. EcoPlus will ensure that customers get the right product and provide a full refund if they don't.

These are the ways you can buy EcoPlus

  • Retail: 1 for $39.98 + shipping

  • Most popular: 1 for $59.97. Enjoy a 50% discount and free shipping (beginning at $29.50).

  • Get 2 for the price of 1$79.96 with 100% free shipping($26.33/each).

Refund Policy

EcoPlus offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. Within 30 days of purchase, you can receive a full refund. You will not receive a refund for shipping charges.

EcoPlus results that don't match your expectations, or if you don't see any improvement in performance can be returned for a full refund.

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Who Made EcoPlus?

The EcoPlus team spent many hours researching and developing the device. The company does not provide any information about its manufacturing location, its employees, or its members.

Here are the steps to get in touch with EcoPlus's founders:

  • Email:

  • Phone: 855-227-0908

You can request a full refund.


What is the difference between EcoPlus fuel pumps and other types?

  • Many of the remapping tools available today are expensive and meant to be used for a long time. These devices are difficult to take out once they have been installed. These changes can't be reversed. EcoPlus is simple to set up and easy to use.

What do you do if your car's electronic device suddenly stops working?

  • It is highly unlikely. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product/service, the company will refund all payments within 30 day.

What requirements are there for the installation of electronics on a device's electronic parts?

  • No. It is very easy to set up. It's easy to set it up and does not require any knowledge of car mechanisms.

Does the device cost more than it should?

  • Yes. Yes. You can reduce your car's fuel consumption which could lead to a dropin gas prices.

How long does it take to install?

  • The activation process takes between 5 and 10 minutes. It is important to select the best place to install it.

Final Verdict

Many devices can reduce fuel consumption. These devices might require modifications to the car's structural parts.

These devices can be costly and do more harm than good. You should look for a cheaper, but still highly effective, device that will make a difference.

EcoPlus is the feature car owners most want. EcoPlus can cut fuel consumption and costs as much as chips compared to similar products.

This cheap solution can be attached to any vehicle. These modifications can be reversed and removed from your port. These modifications will not affect your car's quality or engine performance. It's used to improve fuel economy and monitor vehicle performance.

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Is the fuel saver device legit? ›

Without exception, every review of Fuel Save Pro has affirmed that it is a genuine and trustworthy product. If you frequently take long car trips, Fuel Save Pro is a great tool to use to cut back on gas consumption. Its main benefit is that it can be permanently attached to a car and help it use less gas.

Does EcoPlus really save gas? ›

The EcoPlus is a small, innovative device that can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 50%. It's manufactured after years of research and development, coming as an intelligent eco-friendly way to save money on gas!

How much does EcoPlus cost? ›

Lowest Price Guaranteed!
Very GoodEven Better!
ecoPLUS™ecoPLUS™ w/ UV Sterilizer
1 to 3 Bathrooms up to 10 gallons / minuteEP-600 US$799.00EP-600-UV US$1,457.00
3 to 6 Bathrooms up to 15 gallons / minuteEP-1000 US$1,049.00EP-1000-UV US$2,120.00

How much is the EcoTune device? ›

Price of Eco Tune's device

 One unit of Eco Tune's device comes at 39.98 USD with free delivery.  Buy one and get one EcoTune for 59.97 USD.

Does Eco Chip fuel Saver work? ›

It offers an easy solution that doesn't require any mechanical modifications to your vehicle. The EcoChip has received high ratings from users, with many giving it 5 stars for its effectiveness in reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact. Don't wait.

Do gas mileage chips work? ›

The improved power will give your vehicle a better throttle response and more torque and make it faster. Improved fuel efficiency: Installing a Chip Your Car performance chip enables your car to gain MPG, making it more fuel efficient. As a result, you can expect massive savings on your fuel costs.

Is Plus gas worth it? ›

So, is premium gas worth it? If your vehicle's manufacturer recommends using premium gasoline, then filling up with premium is a good idea. Using lower octane fuel in a high-performance engine over time could eventually cause knocking, potentially damaging the engine.

Should I pay for better gas? ›

If your car doesn't require premium, fill up with regular.

In a consumer notice, the Federal Trade Commission, notes: “In most cases, using a higher-octane gasoline than your owner's manual recommends offers absolutely no benefit. It won't make your car perform better, go faster, get better mileage or run cleaner.”

Does EcoChip save gas? ›

EcoChip is an OBD2 fuel-saver device to decrease your fuel consumption by upto 35% depending on your driving style. It is the safest and most effective fuel saver.

What is the eco plus fuel saver? ›

The EcoPlus is a small but clever device that reduces the fuel required to run a car. After years of research, the EcoPlus is an environmentally-friendly, fuel-saving device. It increases gas mileage and lowers gas costs.

What is the EcoPlus? ›

Ecoplus is an environmentally friendly fuel reduction device. It helps you reduce fuel consumption, improve your ECU system performance, and make your ECU more efficient.

Does EcoPlus work on diesel? ›

Fuel and Engine Treatments // Truck & Bus

ROX® Diesel EcoPlus is a multi-functional diesel fuel maintenance product. It is specially designed to give an overall improvement on most aspects of fuel efficiency.

Does EcoTune improve gas mileage? ›

This device can turns the inefficient gas guzzler to a much more efficient fuel machine which finally reduces the gas consumption by 20-40% which is comparatively very high value. Key Specifications of EcoTune: The ecotune is specially designed to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicles.

Do OBD2 tune chips work? ›

If the vehicle in question is newer, it's highly likely that a performance chip will work. In fact, the U.S. has required all cars and light trucks since then to be OBD2 compliant. Of course, the OBD2 port is where the performance chip connects to the vehicle itself.

How much is a gas tune? ›

A gas furnace tune-up will cost anywhere from $80 to $170, and an oil furnace tune-up will cost anywhere from $100 to $200. Electric furnace tune-ups are a little less expensive, ranging from $70 to $130.

What is the best chip to save gas? ›

Chips will typically give you up to a 6 mpg increase and up to +35% horsepower boost. Chips like DiabloSport S1000, Range Technology, and Tunesport Performance are all great choices. If you have a GM vehicle or Chevy then I recommend going with DiabloSport S1000 plugin Chip.

How much fuel can eco mode save? ›

In reality, Eco Mode only boosts your fuel economy by around five percent. So, if you spend $200 at the pump every month, you can expect to save about $10 a month. Yes, it works; no, it's not significant cost savings.

Is the Echochip real? ›

EcoChip is a device that can be plugged into the OBD2 connector of a motor vehicle in order to reduce fuel consumption. Remapping the vehicle's computer ECU based on OBD2 standards allows it to harness the power of EcoChip.

How does Eco Energy fuel Saver work? ›

Ecoplus fuel saver is a portable device, which is technologically advanced. Its function is to remap the ECU of a vehicle so as to optimize the rate at which fuel is consumed. A vehicle's fuel consumption is optimized with the rate of driving or the driving habit.


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